"Long live the Republic! I'm one of them."

Grantaire had risen. The immense gleam of the whole combat which he had missed, and in which he had had no part, appeared in the brilliant glance of the transfigured drunken man.

He repeated: "Long live the Republic!" crossed the room with a firm stride and placed himself in front of the guns beside Enjolras.
"Finish both of us at one blow," said he.
And turning gently to Enjolras, he said to him:

"Do you permit it?"
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i used to have the hugest crush on you and i just found your blog again omg hello

Hello! u are really cute but this is probably the wrong blog, the original Grantaire-dont-care changed her url a while ago :’)

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Shooting The Barricade Battle [x]

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okay i need you to imagine grantaire catching enjolras checking out his ass, then meeting his eyes and both of them turning to stare in opposite directions like wtf just happened

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We all know this is how it was supposed to end.

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126/170 favourite screencaps from Les Mis 25, in no particular order

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This fandom needs more Enjolras and Courfeyrac interactions. Moments where Courfeyrac is pissed and fiery and Enjolras holds him back from a fight. Courfeyrac bring Enjolras coffee and leaning on him while they both work on papers. Enjolras and Courfeyrac taking a stroll arm…

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hi i love your blog okay bye

Asdfghjkl hello, thanks, sorry I don’t post as much as I’d like ;A;

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i just feel like enjolras and grantaire have this special punny bond where one of them says something and the other senses an opportunity for a pun and their head jerks up from across the room and they give the first one a slow, shit-eating grin, and the first realizes and…

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There is more to Grantaire than his drinking problem.

There is more to Grantaire than his drinking problem.

There is more to Grantaire than his drinking problem.

  • There is more to Grantaire than his drinking problem.
  1. There is more to…
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